Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dinner at Skewers BBQ & Restaurant

Went to Skewers BBQ & Restaurant at Subang Avenue, Subang Jaya. Called my parents to tell them I reach there already with Joshua, Sang, Derek and Kah Yin. Just yesterday joked with mum, she bet with me whether I'll miss a turn to Subang or I ended up lost in Subang.

Reached 30+ minutes later, sat at the bar table. Ordered 3 mint lamb, half pint of Hoegaarden, Rosemary beef, and Sang had Ultimate Skewers Glutton Burger, which was frickin' big size portion. Josh and Derek ordered a jug of Carlsberg. Kah Yin being a first timer in pouring the beer, screwed up and wasted.

Derek brought his laptop and charger, forgot to bring battery. Josh brought everything that is required, and halfway online his laptop committed suicide. Couldn't find a plug near us.

Hoegaarden taste good, but I don't know why I find Carlsberg beer taste better. Maybe its just me. Then we waited for an hour after eating for the Brazil-Portugal match. Both teams were quite physical on each other, knocking around. There were like 4-5 yellow cards only in the first half. Brazil struck the post and Portugal went wide.

We went off after the first half, paid the bills and then exit Subang within minutes. I was kinda disappointed with the service, it could be better if given more time to train. The food was great.

Once they got into my car, the interior smell like alcohol. Joshua was like.....

"Dude I smell of ciggarettes ah?" x5 to Derek. Oh yeah, Kah Yin taught us a valuable fuel saving tip while driving. Drive between 90-110km/h and rpm meter between 2-3.

Josh : "Then when you kena caught by police for speeding tell him this.....

"Tuan, kereta saya jimat petrol jika pandu 90km/h hingga 110km/h dan rpm meter antara 2-3"

Due to financial crisis, drivers do need to do anything to save on petrol =)

Overall had a fun night with my friends, wish it'll be better if others would be able to make it :D

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