Saturday, June 5, 2010

Teacher's Day

Just yesterday was my former secondary school, SMK Seri Mutiara's Teacher's Day celebration. Yeah they always like to leave it late to celebrate. I just had to get something for the teachers who most of them had taught me for the past 5 years in that school.

So Kyle and I decided to buy a cake for the teachers, mocha chocolate : D And because of that, I slept at 4 a.m and woke up 4 hours later to get the cake. Then rushed to school to meet up with Kyle to pass the cake to the teachers.

We then stayed for the performances, and gosh I never regretted staying until the whole celebration was over.

20 performances.....20!!! All in one day, that's a real surprise and a real treat to the students. To those who missed it, you guys missed a heck lot of fun. I like Zero Degree's band performance. They did a cover of Taylor Swift's "You're Not Sorry". Honestly lah, better than last year's band XD

Diong....the truth hurts :D But don't worry, at least we still had bragging rights as becoming the first band for the school.

5 Science 1's drama and Sydney Pong's multi-costumed performance. It was frickin' funny.I can't find the links for the videos. but if you're on Facebook and see lots of Teacher's Day videos, go check them out.

And managed to have a few pictures with Diong. She's had to bully me whenever we bumped into each other.

You see YOU SEE!!!

Ok, I would like to thank the following teachers for teaching me for the past 5 years. You teachers made my secondary school days a blast!!

Mr. Chan
Yes, you'll be surprised. I know there are more people that loathes him than liking him, but during my form one days he's kinda ok. Well, how many of you all had a chance to sing oldies during English classes? I remember when I was in 1Bestari, the whole class had to sing "Seasons In The Sun".

Mr Chee
Erm........thanks for the PJ lessons, really had fun. And also thanks for being the disciplinary teacher for us prefects. At least you DO understand us, unlike SOME TEACHERS. Whenever prefects of students are having a hard time, at least he well, kinda knows what situation we're going through.

Pn. Anita
The one teacher that improved my History grades from an F to a B during PMR years. She might be strict, but I thank God she used her gila babi tactics to teach 3 Cekap to score better grades. 100 question correction, tons of practice and mock tests, she is the best sejarah teacher I've meet.


"Oi!!! I smack you!!"

"If you do this, I kiss you."

These are just a few of her many funny quotes.

Pn. Chin
I couldn't thank you any much when I was confronted by THAT teacher on that day. Thank you for voicing out for me, I really really appreciated it alot. Again, one of the best prefect teachers.

Madam Tee
My choir teacher, the one who allowed my former band to have weekly practices during after school hours. Madam Ee and YiVonn has help guided the school choir to 2nd place in Pudu Zone. And even if we didn't made it to the top 5, she'll still buy us KFC or Pizza Hut to cheer us up :D

Madam Ee
My science teacher, the best science teacher. I'm serious. I remember during form 3, I kept on failing science and leaving alot of questions blanked because I couldn't understand a single thing. It is because of Madam Ee's encouragement, I managed to get a C for PMR :D

Pn Nazeema
Whoooo she's the one that teach me maths sampai pass!! From gagal to pass!! Thank you Pn. Nazeema. LOL I still remember before she got married my class clowns used to call her Nazeema jie jie :D

Pn Tan
You wouldn't believe this, but she taught 5 Tek 2 maths.......for 2 periods. She helped my classmates solving every maths problem, showing shortcuts to answers. Pn Tan, I know most of you all kinda dislike her. But like Pn. Chin, she's actually a good teacher =)

Cik Chan
Fulamak this teacher, salute!!! The one that make sure at least 70% of 5 Tek 2 class students pass accounts. LOL she actually thought I'll get just a D for accounts, but I got C instead. Her voice is so loud, microphones aren't necessary for her to use. She's serious when she's teaching, but put the teaching aside, she's a very friendly teacher. I remember YohnHeng kept on asking her how to buy shares in a stock market XD And 2 years ago, the EYE program that the school participate, she has helped, argued with the teachers who doubted us throughout the program to be our voice.

Thank you Cik Chan, respect!!!

Miss Adlina
One of the many english teachers in the school I respect and liked =) She sings, she draws and she can also be your good friend. Last year if it wasn't for her help and a few important debaters, we wouldn't made it to the finals for Pudu Zone. Miss Adlina, I miss your rendang chicken and the ketupat :D Bila open house again?

Pn Azatul
Strict yet friendly. She taught me english when I was at my final year in school. Sorry if I didn't bother handing up your homeworks, but at least I scored As for your subject =)

Pn Rohaya
My Bahasa Malaysia essay improved all thanks to her.

Encik Nazri
The coolest Bahasa Malaysia teacher you'll ever meet. Its an honour to be your student Encik Nazri. You'll know what am I talking about if you're in his class.

Cik Roseni
I remember this teacher for sure. I'm quite sad I didn't get to send my teacher's day wishes to her on Friday. She taught me history, but most of the time in class she'll be bullying me and my classmates. She sometimes threaten me if I don't get a B or an A, she'll rUN me off with her car XD Damn teruk right? And during last year's preparation for Hari Keushawanan, she kept the Playstation 2 away from us when we went finding for it. She laughed at us when we thought it was stolen or went missing. Bugger!!! Nearly had heart attack tau!! And she also helped out at my class' Playstation corner. Thank you kak!!! =)

Pn Lily
The best art teacher in the school. Our class' big mama. Not the best teacher to fool around when she's serious, but the best teacher to joke around when she's in the mood.

"Nak jadi anak angkat saya tak?"

Haha, that's her favourite line to us 5 Tek 2 students. For months she has been nagging on us about our bloody art project until we got an A. She's the boss for sure.

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