Thursday, November 11, 2010

Miss Me?

Ok here's what I've been up to lately.

1) I'm done with exams. So my holidays started last week till January 11th =) You mad?

2) I've been waiting until my last paper, Moral Studies just to go to Kyle's place and try out the demo for Need For Speed Hot Pursuit on the PS3. But all hopes and excitement was gone when the demo TIMED OUT. I was like, 'which video company would wanna pull that shit off? A demo with a limited time to download before it ends, well that makes sense. But a demo with a limited time to play, the heck?!"

3) Related to number 2, I've decided to preorder the limited edition of Hot Pursuit. Its my first original PC game. I got sick of cracking games and installing patches and shit.

4) I'm gonna spend on my assignments again. My last assignment to hand up is the Photo Portfolio. I don't know how much a photobook is gonna cost me, but I as long as I get to keep it, its fine.

5) Today I went to Leisure Mall to look for a part time job. Was trying my luck on Memory Lane, their vacancy notice didn't state that they're gonna employ female workers only. Then went to some sports shop downstairs, they have vacancy, but its at the bigger shops at KL like KLCC, Mid Valley. Shit weih don't wanna travel on federal highway for the next 2 months.

6) Related to number 4, I was worried that I don't have enough good pictures for my photobook. Now, I have 60 pictures to choose and edit nicely before its in the photobook. Fotorex in Jaya One is charging RM 200 for a photobook. Bitches are crazy XD

7) Ok, I might go for internship for a company that is related to the field I'm gonna be in the next few years. Yeah, photostat papers, make coffee, do office errands. Part of internship life.

8) The college just sent a notice saying that our course duration is stretched to 7 sememsters. 7 weeks is short semester, 11 weeks is long semester. Urrggghh

9) I miss you alot =)

10) Tell me what have you been up to.

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