Monday, November 1, 2010

Sekinchan With College Mates,

Hello guys, I'm back with updates on last Thursday's photography trip with classmates and my lecturer, Mr. Loong. Woke up 4:30 a.m, packed everything the night before and then head to college to meet up.

Jared, Jeen Pei, Joelle, Mun Kit and his girl, Austin, Zhou already planned to stay over at Sekinchan to enjoy ourselves. Honestly, I am annoyed at someone, who has been on Facebook for the whole damn week and yet still, that fella has no time to even reply or update on us whether is he/she going.

So its the first time I'm driving out of KL to a place as far as Sekinchan. Heck, I don't even know there's a place called Sekinchan in the first place. I don't think so none of us know how to get there....without the help of a GPS.

Had breakfast around 7 :30 a.m at some mamak at Sekinchan. It was drizzling and the weather kinda ruined our morning. Yeah, sunset at the paddy fields PHAILED!!

So we thought the rain's gonna stop once we reached the paddy fields at Sekinchan, but we're so wrong. The rain got heavier, all our cameras were wet. And there was something wrong with my car alarm. Right after activating both alarms, minutes later it sounded and it was really irritating. So every 5-10 minutes I find myself running back and forth to my car just to activate and deactivate it again.

The cloudy weather kinda makes the view nicer and more moody-ish.

Rain rain go away...

Then we went to some place called Sungai Nimbong, I think. And I was surprised that there was like a sea. Oh gosh I sound so jakun now lah. Can't blame me, city people is like that.

Again the car alarm fucked up.

Then I decided to just use the OEM Toyota alarm. After that, back to the paddy fields again. This time, the weather was frickin' hot.

This picture is the reason why I need to get my external flash fixed. Loong took his external flash and used it for this shot. Joelle and her sunglasses' reflection. Now this will be in my photobook =D

Then off to lunch at some town after spending an hour plus at the paddy fields just to take pictures. And my car was raped by them muds from the paddy fields.

I like the passengers in my ride....
We're just fun =D

Ok, after lunch was supposed to head down to Kuala Selangor to visit some fishing village. Jared they all wanted to go but too bad, driver damn tired and wanted to get some good sleep after driving for hours. So after lunch, Zoe and Loong parted ways with Me and Mk's gang. Headed to the chalet which is a few kilometers away from where we had lunch.

And I thought we're gonna stay in some wooden, rundown place for the night. And I was wrong, as I drive inside the chalet place, it looks like those resorts you see in those holiday packages. Only this time, we're staying in a AFFORDABLE chalet. The place had a futsal court, but the rain flooded it.

It was after 12 p.m when we reached the place, Zhou was told by the receptionist that only after 2p.m we only can check in. So for the next 2 hours, Jared took my ride to have lunch at KFC, and I was worried he might crash my car into a ditch. I rarely let my friends drive my car, cuz if anything happens, I'm responsible to answer to my dad. While me and the rest sit back and rest at the lobby watching MTV on TV and South Park on Zhou's laptop.

An hour and 45 minutes later I realized MK was not around, only to find out he's out at the small beach trying to catch crabs.

Oh gosh it looks like Sekinchan snowed =D

MK and Austin.

2 p.m we checked into our rooms. 4 each in one room. The room was quite big, queen size bed, bathroom, and a balcony with chairs to enjoy the view.

And the view was worth half of the room rate alone =D This was taken on 5:30 p.m.

Oh yeah, poor Vios.
Mud raped on the side....

and in front.

For dinner, me, Jared, Jeen Pei and Joelle decided to head down to the nearest town and have seafood for dinner.

But too bad, finding a seafood restaurant is like finding a hay in a needle stack. Ended up eating at a mamak.

Sekinchan still have those old school taxi stops around =)

After dinner, we had to take this view. God's art.

Head back to the room near 8p.m, room was invaded by insects. Decided to shift all the alcohol drinks to the next room. And whatever happened during the next 5 hours was awesome and unforgettable.

I had a few glasses of whisky. My first sip of whisky wasn't nice, until I drank the whole glass, the rest was history.

And what a better way to have fun with some game cards.

I'm not encouraging you all to drink and be an alcoholic, but I kinda like Carlsberg and Hoegaarden than Chang and Tiger. After finishing all of the Carlsberg and whisky, Zhou, Jared and me headed to the nearest sundry shop to buy Chang.

I was feeling a lil' bit drunk, couldn't walk straight and was laughing randomly. I fell and this happened.

Oh wait before that....
MK's ride has a crystal ball installed inside. Awesome eh?

Oh right, I fell and injured the scar I had from last week's futsal. Ohh bloood!!

Had supper, thanks Zhou for the plaster. And then continued with a few more rounds of drinks and games, chit chatting, by 1 a.m we went back to our room and sleep. LOL, I only bath at 1 a.m.

Best part of the night, watching this fella getting drunk and mumbling shit.

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Hi, may i know the name of chalet that u guys stay in sekinchan?