Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back From Youth Camp

Yesterday got back from Charis Church Cheras Youth Camp. It was awesome. Had loads of fun, and also had the opportunity to be closer to God again. You wouldn't know how much God can change one's life in just 4 days, what more for the rest of your life.

The camp was good, the rooms, the food, the guest speaker Rev. Clement Wong, the games, the praise and worship session. We have our own camp shirt which was a red jersey with Youth Force and a number 7 imprinted on the back of the shirt. And we even have our own camp song, which was wonderful too =)

The telematch games was fun. One of them, my group and I had to finish a plate of biscuits with onions, tobasco sauce, chili flakes, mustard, all sorts. It was after lunch, and I had to try not to think about the taste and try not to think about vomiting whenever I burp.

I definitely learned a lot from the camp, and I'm glad I attended this youth camp. I'll post up some pictures from Facebook to share with you guys.

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