Monday, December 13, 2010

14th floor yo!!!

Before I sleep.....


If you wanna prove that your girlfriend breaking up with you is her shittiest decision yet, find a better one yo!!!

How long have you been with her? A year?

Your friends would have been in panic mode and rushing to find where the heck are you, instead of commenting on your last and final Facebook status update. Good friends yo!!

And you people pitying him for being the victim of broken love and whatever lala/Cina-fied culture y'all having on, the real victims are the parents. All the years bringing this fella up, he decides to repay them by jumping off the 14th floor. Yo, good investment return bro!!!

And I swear if this phucker decides to haunt me cause I insulted him via my blog, BRING THE FUCK ON!! LOL!!! If you fail to scare the shit out of me, I'm sorry, my house only double-story, not more than 14 floors. You need to go back to Ketumbar Heights yo!!!

Yeah, I did 'liked' one page about him, cuz that page says in Chinese

"Alviss Kong,was it worth it? Why are you so stupid?"

I have to agree that statement, but damn right I can't believe some people actually bother saying "have a great life ahead", "angels will greet you in heaven", "see you next time", yadayadayadayada.

For all I know, taking your own life automatically booked a place in hell. Whoever has a problem with me not respecting him even after his death, talk to me. I won't respect people like him being a coward not to face reality and move on like everyone did.

You idiot, people in Africa are starving and living below the poverty line with no food and water, what do they do? they MOVE ON!!
Someone is tested HIV positive. Guess what, they MOVE ON!!
A child is born without a leg or an arm, deaf, mute, handicap. They MOVE ON AND LIVE LIFE!!
You sir, fail hard!!! And damn it if you wanna commit suicide, make sure you have a clean landing. The heck you need to land on people's car, pity the car owner. How is he gonna go to work?!

And if you see any of your friends bitch about being very very the depressing over a break up after a month's or even shorter relationship, all you can say is....


With all that rant, I just wanna thank Alviss Kong. Because of you, Lowyat kopitiam forums have alot to joke about your death. Thank you =) And yes, I have no regrets posting this because its my blog, I rant/post about whatever that's on my mind and YOU can't do anything about it.

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