Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Party

Its been 2 years since I last had a Christmas party with my former school friends. The last one was fun, check back the December 2008 archives. The usual gang, Ian, Sam, Hui Xian, Carmen, Kyle, Yu Kin, Hui Xian, Shu Teng made it. Adam, Melissa, Kerry, Evon didn't =/ No worries, we got some new members to our gang =D

Basically everyone who is attending the party have to wear red, Carmen didn't know that cause she hasn't been using the computer for decades to log into her Facebook, instead now she uses Facebook Mobile. Yu Kin.....that bugger decides to wear purple to piss me off.

Its been months since I last saw Carmen....I think she's fat already XD

I only had a few pictures taken with my DSLR, cause I kinda forgot how to use it after months not touching it. And I accidentally spilled water on it so yeah, just 9 good not-so-blur pictures. The rest is all taken by Hui Xian with her camera, will upload some over here =)

Siang Er and Ian. Ian has been bugging me to buy beer, tani for the past 2 weeks. Wanted Heineken but its slightly expensive than Carlsberg. Bought 2 6-packs at Giant, its cheaper than Tesco. Kyle brought the Wii again, Siang Er brought her own Wii-mote and the Raymans Raving Rabbids game.

Sam and Xian.

Kar Hou and Yu Kin. Oh Imma bout to rip Yu Kin for wearing purple.

Mrs Ian.

Diong's gonna leave for Singapore the next day, she went nuts right before we started to drink. Mad women.

This is too red.

Hui Xian and WanChuen was having fun trying out the DSLR. A few pictures of me with short people.
Diong and me.

Hui Xian and me.

Me and Mangkuk WanChuen.

*will post more next

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