Saturday, December 25, 2010

Rest In Peace Vickyneshvaran Jezs (1992-2010)

I just got back from General Hospital Kuala Lumpur. A dear friend of mine passed away this morning during the late hours after midnight in a road accident nearby the GHKL. He was riding a motorcycle, lost control, hit a car, flew from the bike, had his neck cut by a divider, died on the spot. Peter called me this morning around 6:11 a.m, I just got the biggest shock for Christmas this year.

I text messaged Kyle, telling him Vicky died. The only picture I had with him was during last year's handball inter school competition. I only see him during the weekends for futsal every Sunday at The Challenger. He was probably the one that inspired and motivated me to become a better goalkeeper and a better player. I'm just gonna miss playing with and against him.

2 years ago, we all with Vicky would head down to Aladdin internet cafe to play games, go to the nearby mamak stall after school to have lunch and chill out. I remember he drove his Ford Lynx, with a Mazda engine fitted in to school, how he liked to rev the engine. And everytime during futsal after scoring a goal Kyle and him will be like, 'What happened la?" in a cheeky way to taunt our opponents.

Vicky, if only you didn't mix with the wrong friends.....

Rest In Peace Vickyneshvaran Jezs (1992-2010)
*edited Dec 27 2010*

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