Sunday, December 12, 2010

Final Week

Tomorrow will be the start of the last week of internship for me. I don't know whether to feel happy or sad.

...that the fact that I won't need to wake up at 8 a.m in the morning again. And won't need to calculate the time taken to be stuck in the ridiculous slow traffic from Jalan Cheras to Jalan Kuching to Wisma TCL at Jalan Ipoh.

...that I no need to worry about deadlines and such, no need to deal with the bloody pariah that collects RM 4 for my parking and acts like a c*nt to me. Seriously, "hello boss", "morning boss", "thank you boss", I know it sounds nice but it gets frickin' irritating to me. Heck, I miss the Jaya One valet parking worker. At least the latter isn't trying to kiss your ass every morning.

Happy that I no need to worry about how much I'm gonna spend for lunch, how much will there be left in my wallet at the end of the day. What should I eat? Would I be full later on? What if I'm hungry again?

...that I no longer need to come back home, with my clothes smell like as if I sit 9 hours a day, in a building filled with cigarette smokes.

...that I no longer need to deal with the bloody Mandarin/Cantonese local radio stations that repeats the same songs for the past 1 month while working. All because of one co-worker that needs to have the radio turned on in order to do her work.

...that no longer I will need to rush out of the office to my car under a minute just to spare me a few minutes getting stuck in the jam. And also...........f**k the ridiculous jam from Jalan Ipoh to Jalan Cheras to my place.

But I'll MISS

...using the Mac. I don't wanna go back to PC shortcut keys already. Mac computers always for the win. co-workers, my mentors throughout the 4 weeks working with them. The new shortcut keys I've learned, how ad agencies really works, how an ad is done. What to do, what not to do.

...those crude jokes that got me crackin' up during lunch hours. The fact that boss and his workers can tease/joke each other in a crude way and still laugh about it.

...the good food.

...boss telling you "Good" after all the hard work, and knowing that your design might be selected to be used by a company. I can't wait to see the Poh Kong window sticker that me and the senior art director had been working on for a week plus =)

...the over-time hours. Seriously, it was so awesome, so in a rush, that panic moment while trying to finish a project a day before presenting to the client.

Come Friday, my last day. Company's throwing a Christmas party in the office, and then diner at Pavilion. OH YEAAHH!!!

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