Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pacman-Bradley rant.

I think sports these days are rigged. The World Cup, Euros, Premiership, La Liga, even our local football league. NBA too (yes Queen James, I still do not wish to see you and Miami Cheats to lift. And I do hope the Thunders win) 

But I never expect boxing to be in the list. Never.

Google up the stats of that match, Pacman owned Bradley's ass in the ring. They probably should have gave Bradley the belt and announced Pacman as the winner and the defending champ. Bradley can keep the damn belt, because Pacman is still the finest boxer at this present day.

Timothy Bradley I hope you can even get a good night's sleep after what happened. I hope this haunts you until November 10. Pacman's gonna destroy you during the rematch, and even your hugs can't save your sorry ass. 

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