Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fat Boys The Burger Bar

So last week Thursday, Passion Alive youth members decided to head down to Publika to try out Fat Boys The Burger Bar for of course, the burgers. 

From Fat Boys' menu, its really simple. One side is presented with their speciality burgers, and the other allows you to customize your own burger. From what type of patty to the buns and sauces and extra toppings. In my own opinion, its best to just order the ready made ones. You'll end up paying more for your own burgers.

First of all the burgers were great. Didn't really liked the fries. They were too dry. As for the portion size, Skewers' were bigger.

Right after Fat Boys, we decided to head to The Bee to chill.

Me and James
Chermaine and Erica

The Last Polka's Guinness Flavoured Ice Cream. Me gusta.

Overall it was a great night. Its been a long time since we got together for dinner. 

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