Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh Dear England

Let me be an honest England fan....

Watching England losing in the 2002 World Cup quarter finals against Brazil was hard

Watching England losing to Portugal in the 2004 Euro Championship quarter finals was tough

Watching England losing again to Portugal in the 2006 Euro Championship quarter finals was a pain

Watching England screwing up and not qualifying for the 2008 Euro Championship was just an insult.

Watching England getting schooled by the Germans in the 2010 World Cup was just embarrassing.

And watching England losing on penalties on God knows how many times in a major tournament, to Italy in this year's Euro Championship, I expected it. 

Face it, England fans should know how overrated, overpaid the whole squad is. 6 figure salaries WAGS that looks like models. And the fact that Roy Hodgson was appointed instead of Harry Redknapp, and that six Liverpool players were featured in the squad, with Carrick, Ferdinand, Richards, Welshire left out......

We know England can only go this far. Quarter final stages. 

Its like their main objective in every major tournament is to top the group and score at least 5 goals and winning 1-0 as always, and then just play 20 minutes of good football, and screw everything up in the quarter-final stages. 

Lord knows how many times England has failed to live up to their expectation as one of the top 10 football teams. And He knows how many times, its the same results but at different times. And that the good Lord knows that England's weakness is going through penalty stages.

Everything about this year's squad is just wrong. Here's a list

Martin Kelly and Jordan Henderson over Micah Richards and Rio Ferdinand and Phil Jones?! 
Oh God this has got to be the news that really gave us a huge hint that England will not go far at all. Roy, I don't know whether you still have feelings for Liverpool players but damn it, we're sick of playing safe and going for 1-0 wins. We need some senior players that's been featured in tournaments and a creative defender like Phil Jones to run and pass to midfield.

Have you seen Richards played? Tough City defender. And I know John Terry's racial abuse against Anton Ferdinand is on hold but have you ever thought of putting Richards and Ferdinand and Jones in defence, and have Terry to warm the bench and might shag a few girls while at it?

The Midfield
Lampard out with injury. Fine, could have picked Tom Cleverly or Carrick or Wilshire. But no, Roy decided to pick Stewart Downing, who is by far the most expensive English midfielder that has 0 assists and goals.
And why did you start Parker and Milner?!  Milner is shit. He was shit ever since he don the Manchester City shirt. Roberto Mancini screwed him. 

And The Ox and Walcott wasn't in the starting lineup against Italy. We needed to attack and try to score as early as possible. But we opted for a boring, typical England

Beckham Missing
David Beckham was all the while our missing puzzle piece to the creative midfielder department. No one listened. No one.

Roy Hodgson
Of all people, Roy Hodgson. Horrible record at Liverpool. Average record at bottom half clubs. Could have opted for Harry Redknapp, or Brendan Rodgers.

Come 2014 Brazil World Cup, it'll be the same expectations for England. Deja vu all over again. 

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