Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Need for Speed : Most Wanted First Impressions

The wait is finally over!!! EA and Criterion released the official trailer for their latest NFS series, Need for Speed Most Wanted.

I literally had tears, manly tears streaming down my face as I watched the first exclusive trailer shown during this year's E3 event. Waited hours for EA's press conference just to catch Need for Speed.

The main star of the trailer is the game's city. Yes, I know most of the time its the line up of the exotic, tuners and muscle cars that will be in the game. But pay attention on how much the city's landscape and the routes would influence your plan to escape from the city's 5-0. No word out yet on whether the city could be Rockport like the previous Most Wanted game back in 2005. 

A few things I've found in the trailer,
1) why is there a pick up truck speeding along with the other big boys? 

Gameplay was much of an improvement of The Run. It feels like there was more speed and more towards the older version of the Most Wanted game, with better handling and drifting physics. Damage wise, don't expect GTA style damage visuals. Its more likely to be the same as Hot Pursuit. Car companies do not want to see their sweet products being torn apart while in a cop pursuit.

I've noticed :
1) Speedbreaker (the ability to slow time while driving to avoid road blocks and spike strips) is missing,
2) Road blocks, spike strip and helicopters are missing in the game. Maybe a few weeks later another trailer or gameplay video would include them in it.

Trivia : Honda had their cars requested to be pulled out from any Need for Speed series that features illegal racing. This explains why the last time I saw a Honda was in Shift series. But then again, why bother when most of the ones screaming in the middle of the night on Kuala Lumpur highways are Hondas? XD

So, I'm really looking forward towards getting this game. But first I gotta save up for a PS3. I know my PC can't handle any upcoming EA games already. The last time I played Battlefield 3, my PC crashed.

And as for the next videos to be released, i hope EA would show off whatever improvements they had made for the Most Wanted remake. And also to answer all of the NFS new generation gamers (the ones that only started playing NFS after Most Wanted, and not appreciating the previous titles on the Playstation One days) whether customizing options are included or not.

And also the complete car list on their website. Maybe not, maybe just reveal a car every 2 days. No pressure EA, no pressure =D 

Come October 30th, I won't be seeing sunlight for a month, maybe longer than that =D

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