Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Carbon Fibre Stickers On Them Panels.

 Bought the EURO 2012 Holland jersey, wore it on the day when Germany defeated Holland 2-1. And now they are out of the Euros. Bye Oranje.... 

Anyways, not much has been going on tho. 
 Took an hour and thirty minutes to just stick them onto the panels. The thing is S Spec's panel's surface is different than the current G spec ones. 

 Out of boredom, I've asked one of my crew buddy to stick some carbon fibre sticker onto the panels of the radio dashboard. Looks good.

 From the outside.

Finally had the time to wash the car in peace. I don't wanna drive my car to the usual car wash spot at Taynton View. It ain't clean as it used to be. Ah, the joy of spending time with your car. 

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