Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kids, don't be cheap.

Original Statement:
me and a few friends went to MacDonald and we share money to buy 1 cup of large coke , we refill it so all of us can drink it, MacDonald said that their drinks can be refilled , then on the 5th or 6th time we refill , the staff there pour in smelly water and mix with the coke to let us drink, we went to complain then the staff ask us to drink it since we like to refill, we got angry get out of MacDonald and that staff was still not satisfied , he climb out of the window and seek us for a fight ,
i think this is really bad , if this happens again , who will dare to go to Macdonald?

Here's my own personal view on this : 

Kids, don't be cheap. Really, just don't. I mean, you guys can afford to waste money on a few hours in the cyber cafe to play your DOTA, HON or whatever online games, but don't come and tell me y'all can't afford your own coke drinks.

So this video is about these secondary school kids, being pissed poor by buying one large cup of coke, and refilling it 5 to 6 times so that all of them can drink. McDonald's staff workers were mad, and confronted the kids outside of the fast food outlet.

And its a good thing this video is under the comedy category, because the kids really made an ass of themselves on the Internet. Most of the comments were against the kids, and some thought the workers were at fault and IT IS OK TO REFILL 5 TO 6 TIMES.


1) Picture yourself as a McDonald staff. This guy or girl comes up to you, buys a large coke. Just a large coke. And the he/she comes back to you 5-6 times to refill and pass it to his/her friends to drink. So who is abusing the special benefits of refilling in McDonald's? I know some of my friends do refill, but they only refill for themselves and definitely not more than 5 times.

2) I know its OK to refill. But really, 5 people sharing one coke is just too cheap. If you're offended, I don't care. I don't need to please you by saying its a way to save money. How much can you save for Pete's sake?! 

3) Proof and pictures of workers mixing dirty water and coke into your cup, or it didn't happened at all.

4) To the kid who had coke in his bottle and drank it in front of the workers. You deserved a punch. I'm serious. I would buy that McDonald worker lunch and dedicate a blog post for him if he did that. 

5) Was there a need to provoke further by challenging the McDonald workers to speak Mandarin. Sure, working in a fast food outlet isn't the best job in the world, but that doesn't mean we have the right to underestimate them in every aspect in life. You'll be damn surprised to see how many non-Chinese that can speak fluent Mandarin or any other related dialect. Props to them if they can speak better than me. 

6) Calling them 'sohai'. I admit I do sometimes use that word to add further insult to people that I do dislike but I try not to really use that word so much, because its just......uhh. I don't like that word, and I think you should only use it (if you have to) if the person you're dealing with is really, really, really acting up like an asshole.

7) Its McDonald's, not MacDonalds. Sigh.

Was surprised that my comment got voted up as one of the 2 top comments of the video, until some smartass thought my opinion was bias. But do tell me how am I supposed to defend kids that cheap and low, huh? 

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