Wednesday, September 12, 2012


As to some of you all who know that I am working part time in Motorsport Playground, I had a work-related accident. You see, I tend to go off focus whenever I'm really drained out from a day's work and I can't seem to pay attention to anything.

I was separating a few stickers for the FXPrimus Racing Team's Lotus cars. I used this blade, which was quite rusty to cut it. And whadayaknow, I accidentally sliced off a lil bit of my thumb's skin and also managed to cut a lil bit into the flesh. Then it bleed, went to wash it off but things got worse.

Even with the plaster, it didn't work. I used up all of the tissue that's left in the office toilet, my boss, Remus had to take the trouble to send me to the nearest 24 hour clinic which is at USJ.

10 15 p.m and my thumb was still bleeding. The doctor wiped away the blood with some medicine and also gave me an injection to prevent any infection that could be caused by the injury. I had antibiotic pills, antibiotic cream and some painkillers to finish off for the next 5 days.

I felt horrible. Not only I troubled my boss to send me to a clinic, he also paid for my medical fees. I just felt awful for not able to keep my mind focus on work into the night. 

Just another lesson to remind me to be extra careful and see, think then do. 

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