Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last night was at a friend’s birthday party at Bar Tres. Took a class of whiskey and coke, and I felt disgusted by the taste. It was probably the first time though, usually I have no problem drinking it. 
Maybe its just me, that I’m feeling that I’m too old for this shit already. Maybe cause I’m already bored of it and expected to vomit and make an ass of myself again in public, that this time I decided to play safe.
Somehow a voice in my head just told me to take just one glass and go home early. After one jagerbomb and making sure the birthday boy had a good 3 rounds of vomiting, decided to head home. Parents was surprised though that I came home early, 1 a.m to be exact. 
20 and I don’t feel like drinking already, something’s wrong eh? 

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