Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Malaysia Day

It was about time that other countries caught up with the whole "Guidelines on Homosexuality" by the education ministry. Heck after rereading the guidelines on how to detect gays and lesbians, I find that most of the 'symtoms' are just stating the obvious. 

So many 'you don't say moments'. And such a shame that this news happened a day or so before we celebrate Malaysia Day.

Honestly, I don't want the rest of the world to view us as a close-minded country being democratic by name only. I really believe that it is about damn time we should try to stop condemning, but try to accept them no matter what. As much as their lifestyle is different, bear in mind that they do contribute something to our nation's build up as a developing country and years go by. You can't deny that, really.

And a big shoutout to the education ministry. I really don't care whether you guys are pulling yourself away from the controversy based on reports from The Star newspaper, but the fact that Huffington Post quoted the top guy making such statements, you really needa make this shit clear once and for all.

And thanks to your stupid guidelines and with the backing from a stupid parenting group, we're condemned for having too much time coming up with these silly ridiculous guidelines.

To the rest of the world, you have no right to say we Malaysians are as stupid as the education ministry. It is because I believe that it isn't actually a fear to begin with in the first place. Its not the Malaysians that's minding their own business' fault, its the people that had too much time instead of coming up with solutions on why after so long we failed to grasp the English language in Maths and Science, they decided that leading a different sexual orientation was much more important in their meeting agenda.

So I guess Malaysia Day's was kinda ruined eh? 

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