Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sending Off

Last Friday, Jessica, Jared, Zoe, Jill, YunXuan, Joelle and I decided to have a final gathering at Jane's house before she leaves for the United Kingdom. Just barely 18+ hours before leaving, Jane still wasn't done with packing. 

So after midnight, Jessica helped her to pack from after midnight till close to 3 a.m. So long that I even fell asleep on Jane's bed. 

 Ohai there you purple hippo. What's with that face? 

 I woke up at 3 a.m, and the first thing I see is everyone on their smartphones and tablets doing their own thing. Oh what a generation we're living in XD

And after 6 hours of sleep from 5 a.m, and a long and nervous afternoon to go through, here I am with the rest of the gang sending off 4 of my buddies to UK for their degree in mass communication. McDonald's was packed, we decided to have our dinner at Secret Recipe. 

My gosh, where can you find a Secret Recipe outlet that has only 4 items available for the night. Dinner was expensive and bad. 

 One final smile for the camera, before she heads to the departure hall.

 And her mum said if she cries, she should U-Turn back to her house and forget about going to UK again.

Jeen Pei's joined by Jane, the last one to finally say farewell was Joelle.


This was before they head to their train to hop onto their plane.  This was cute.

Time flies really fast. It was just like a couple of months ago they started the 100 day countdown, then it was 7 days, then just 1. I definitely had an awesome time with them, and I thank you Jane, Jeen Pei, Joelle and Leo for being one of my closer friends to make my college life fun and meaningful :) 

I want you guys to really enjoy and have the time of your life in United Kingdom, we'll be alright over here. Do take good care of yourself and stay safe alright? 

The night ended with red velvet cake and water at The Bee, Jaya One.

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