Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jian Hang Motorsports

After months postponing this mod for the Vios, and after a good pay for the month of August by Motorsport Playground :D I took the time off from my portfolio work and decided to go change my ride's muffler for good. Its a good thing that I made a phone call appointment 3 days before Tuesday because the last time I went, there was a lot of cars waiting for their turn.

I woke up early in the morning, got stuck in the God forsaken MRR2 traffic jam heading towards Ampang area, and got to Jian Hang Motorsport at 10: 30 a.m. I was just minutes after a customer took my slot. Had to wait till noon for my turn. 

 Scooby's been here for a few days. 

 And whadaya know? A Honda S2000, a rare gem on the road. Honda stop production of this roadster a few years ago, such a nice car to race around. 

 So when it was my turn, I allowed the workers to drive the car to the backend of the shop. As the car was lifted up, it was the first time I had a complete look at the stock muffler that Toyota had installed for the Vios. It looked pathetic. 

I forgotten to take a picture of it, but here's one which another recommended exhaust workshop, SuperCircuit at Sunway area. Above is the stock Vios exhaust system. I just had to laugh at it, I'm sorry Toyota but damn, the '97 Honda City that my parents is using had a better looking muffler. 

The stock one, after reading through so many post and threads on what to change for the Vios exhaust system had a restricted flow. Even after changing the air filter to after market ones, I realized that the pick up was still sluggish.

I opted for a S-flow muffer, with 2 inch inlet. The outlet would be the exhaust tips, which can use however big you want.

What I liked about Jian Hang is that they are really not to get you to spend more than what you have set  aside. I told them my budget was 450-500 maximum, they didn't squeeze and make sure I pay off all RM 500. Instead, they gave me RM 450, and a RM 30 off the basic exhaust tip.

One of Jian Hang's principle is to listen to customers request. At times customers do get the wrong set up that they wanted before changing and Jian Hang would advise them otherwise. Some customers are just stubborn, so you know the outcome lah.

What other exhaust outlets like Kaki and Wei Yip could not provide is the time to allow customer to try out different mufflers for sound. I was happy enough to be allowed to try out 4 mufflers. 

The first one was just alright, not too loud to be automatically categorized into the Ah Beng class (loud exhaust systems that irritates neighbourhood).

Then second one was just too quiet. No different than the stock sound. I just want my muffler to come up with the right amount of bass and fierceness for a 1.5 car.

The third one was the mugen type exhaust. It was 600 for it, a lil quiet than the first one but the boss didn't recommend me to get that one.

The last one was for the Suzuki Swift sport. My gosh the sound coming out from the muffler was like the ones I heard back in Sepang for the Merdeka Endurance Race. The thing is, as much as my dad kinda approved me replacing the awful muffler, I don't wanna wake up the neighbourhood with that kinda noise. And at times I do come back home quite late from yum cha sessions with friends, so its best I take the first one. 

After almost an hour making sure the whole thing fits well and aligns well, it is done. Revved the car, was satisfied and happy paid for it. The worker even told me if there was any problems, even minor ones, they are glad to fix it for free. This applies to all customers that had their exhaust system done. 

Rather than spending shitloads on HKS or even M7 for just the muffler, I paid just a fraction of their prices for a custom made one that suits well with the car. I realized the fuel consumption of the car decreased by a few hundred meters, fair enough. 

So the only thing left is to improve the handling. Ultra Racing bars for the back. A day later it was raining and I went 110 km/h over a puddle of water on the Taman Connaught highway heading back home. Almost spun out, but thank God I didn't. 

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