Thursday, February 11, 2010

Andy a.k.a Kittyman's Birthday @ Jaya One Mamak

Andy's birthday today. The only guy and probably the only person that has such an obsession about Hello Kitty, he literally collects all Hello Kitty products. You name it, pillows, soft toys, pencil cases and pink shirts. And the cake, pink.

He even perasan until thinks that he's as cute as Hello Kitty.

I remember when we had to introduce ourselves in class on the first week of the semester, we thought he was bullshitting about liking Hello Kitty. Until he gave us that serious look, and the whole class went O.O!!

Andy conducting the awful ear drum piercing rendition of the birthday song. Epic fail all came from our very very pink, fragile heart kay? Happy birthday Andy, enjoy your 19th.

Last week, Mr. Lawrence, our creative thinking lecturer asked us to do a name tag of us. Chian's name tag, a pink bow..........soo cute. I can't stop laughing at him, but he had balls to wear it :D

See Jane, I told you Jeen Pei was getting her freak on lately. That's why today I sat next to Syafiq :D

Meet Jane, 18 and one of the most active photographer in class.

Oh yeah, quotes of the day....

"Oh shit, you must be serious." - Mr. Lawrence.

"You know sometimes your parents would ask you to call 'uncle', even though that person is 18 years old? I hate that, your 'uncle' is your mother or father's brother. Don't you dare call me uncle, I give you one nice slap on the face XD." - Mr. Lawrence.

"Generally, boys are more emotional than girls now." - Ms. Suhana

Today's lesson, valuable

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Wise Lizard said...

I want to eat that cake mmmm :p