Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Day of The Month of February

On Friday went to Carmen Hor's house to gamble and catch up with her. Gosh, I sucked at 21. Lost RM 6 :(

Had dinner with Yong Shan, Kyle, Hui Xian, Hwang Jie, Wen Yi and Yee Jian at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Yong Shan actually wanted to give us a treat, but we strongly disagreed and paid her our dinner.

Then Kyle and I went back to my place, played Left 4 Dead 2. Then went to Ong Man Li's house and pay her a visit. Then went to Shu Teng's house at 10:30 p.m and learn how to play mahjong. What's with the flower tiles and north, south, east, west?

Today is grandma's birthday, drank alot of Chinese tea. So much until at one point I told the waiter.

"wo bu yao zhai he le, wo hen bao." I don't want to drink anymore, I'm very full."

And that bugger went to refill my cup for the 10th time.

Went back flooded Africa XD

Then futsal with Kyle and the rest. Kent joined. There were many "what the heck?!", "Oh my gosh!!!", "How can you miss from that range?!!", "Oiii foul lah!!", "This is getting pathetic.." moments during futsal. Oh and Santosh, you have earned today's blooper of the day. He managed to be like THAT Arsenal goalkeeper and push Kyle's dad's shoot into his own net.

=_________= bravo Santosh, we all love you.

Soon the game turned a little one sided, which was frickin' pathetic. Rib cage hurts after blocking Uncle Sui's shot.

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