Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shit Hits The Fan

I tell you guys, you will never know how fun class is.....only after you're at college. I'm serious, my creative thinking lecturer made the whole class realized that 11 years of OUR education system only made us to nod and not express our creativity, thus it made our creativity left to collect dust in our minds.

11 years, we were made to suck in everything that has ben thrown to our face, and to believe that there is always one answer, when in reality, there are endless answers and solutions to answer a question.

Everyone is creative, even the ones who sucked at arts or can't write poetry. Solving a problem, thinking of a solution, we're already using our creativity for our own purposes.

Today's class was 1 p.m to 6p.m, and 6 p.m means that getting out of Jaya One in 10 minutes is impossible.

First class was presentation class. Not trying to promote IACT, but to be honest, I've never meet such laid back yet fun and someone that you can relate to even the age gap is kinda big. My presentation skills lecturer is like, one of the many lecturers in IACT that the students can relate to.

For presentations class, no exams, just presentations and place cards.

For today's class activity, we were asked to go up to the stage and present about 3 things we do not know about the one sitting next to us. I just found out Syafiq is an adrenaline junkie who loves to climb to high places and jump from there :D

Oh oh oh, did you know that even I'm taller than Syafiq, I am afraid of heights. Erm no? Shit

Oh and here's some of my presentation skills lecturer punya quotes of the day

"No sexual or porn topics. I know I know, you all having raging hormones and especially guys, who see every pretty girl also wanna hump."

"I can tolerate with vulgarities in my class, but mind you I can hit back at you with vulgar words, twice cuz I'm older than you." XD

Surprisingly, class ended after 1 hour 30 minutes, then a 30 minute break was given to us. I dislike Jaya One's mamak. No not the quality of the food, is the price.

RM 8.70 for maggi goreng ayam, which taste like any other mamak eateries. =_______=

Decided to head down to Cold Storage with Immy, Jason and gang. The rest followed us but soon went to mamak and yum cha.

Oh yeah, Cold Storage sucked....for the price.

Before creative thinking class, lecture room was alive and kicking. Realized that everyone loves Russell Peters and Chris Rock, not to forget....Dave Chapelle. Rick James....bitch!!!
Then creative thinking class started, Mr. of the coolest lecturer I've meet. In his 50's but like our presentation skills lecturer, we students can relate to.

And of course, his memorable quotes of the day....

"Sure, being in this field is alot of hardwork, but imagine the shitload of money they are paying you."

"Once when I was at your age, in a university where my lecturer once told me, 99% men think of porn. The other 1%? They tried not to think of it."

"One of the biggest problem you'll face in this creative field....dealing with stupid people. Not meaning the dumb ones, the ones that is blind and thinks narrowly without an open mind."

"Anyone of you from Lim Kok Wing? That joke from Cyberjaya?"
(I love this one, so 100% true)

Time flies when you enjoy your class, never a dull moment today and I really look forward to the next Wednesday class.

Oh yeah everything was cool until the after class scenario....traffic jam. Coming out of Jaya One parking lot, sometimes you thought...

"Shit, I think I made the day's shittiest decision for now. Period."

5:54 p.m, out of parking lot,
6 p.m. still just outside the perimeter parking bay,
6:30 p.m at Jalan University (not even near the hospital)
And I tell you, Jalan University (sorry bout the language) has the most fuckiest, shittiest, make you go WTF in milliseconds and make you wanna scream in the car like a crazy frustrated driver. Its like, green light last for 3 seconds? 3 SECONDS DAMN IT!!! And then you and the rest of the 100+ drivers have to wait for 5-7 minutes. Its like every 2 cars only had the privilege to get out of this mess and get stuck in another one after a few seconds.

I wish there was a picture showing how jam is the highway, my pathetic Nokia camera died.

Reach toll by 7:30 p.m, at Leisure Mall 20 minutes later, and 8 p.m baru sampai rumah. 2 hours of shitty jam for me after a fun day at college. =(

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