Tuesday, February 2, 2010

GTA Can Be Studied.....

You wouldn't believe what I studied today for Mass Communication class.........

Grand Theft Auto :D

Actually the whole class was discussing whether do videogames make kids want to kill or be violent? Of course first videogame that comes to mind is.....

Grand Theft Auto

Class today was fun, learned something which is very useful. That we should not believe the news that different media mass gives us and we should compare and do research about it.

Active and passive audiences...... :D

Oh yeah, my previous post punya pictures, all from Jane. Sorry ah shorty, have to steal reference from your Facebook college album.

Everyday after class we all would never fail to have yum cha sessions, guess college life is all about yum cha-ing, assignments and books. Today, my college, IACT, so sayang us until belanja Domino's pizza for first semester students. So many boxes of pizza, but only 2 flavours, vegetarian and Hawaiian.

Jasan Chai, one of the 3 Jason(s) in my class, is the only vegetarian among the 30+ people.

Here's some pictures, again thanks to Jane : )

Jeen Pei, Joelle and Shanor

Jason, Me, Syafiq and Imran a.k.a Immy

The rest...

Jason Chai, vegetarian and first in line XD

While we all starve..... =(

It could be better if there was peperoni and cheese.

"What's pizza without peperoni?" - Levi and Jared.

And for the first time for everyone.....we didn't spend on lunch. Huurraah!!! RM 5 for parking, saved RM 10 thank you sooo much.

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