Monday, February 1, 2010

Yum chaaaaaa

At times when you're stuck in a horrible jam, a long one, and also you need to answer nature's calling (Note : Toilet break).

Today's English class was fun, icebreaking games was enjoyable too. Get to know better about my classmates, like who likes metal rock songs, who likes fried kuey tiaw, who likes yum cha and so on.

Then we were asked by our class lecturer, Miss Joanne, to draw a number on a piece of paper. I drew the number 2. Then, she told us that each person has to come out to tell stuff about yourself based on the number that you have chosen.

Imran... drew number 8, changed to number 5. XD

Oh yeah, at one part everyone laugh like mad fellas. One fella made me laugh until got tears.

Yeah after CLASS yum cha session with friends at Old Town Cafe (by the way, today spent all my money. RM 15 gone in minutes, fucking nasi lemak rendang chicken RM 9, Wendy's Ice cream and then parking ticket makes up the rest).

Shafiq, Bryan, Jared and Patrick.

Austin, our so-called waiter for the day and me.

Then, from Oldtown Cafe I can see the 'awesome' traffic jam that's waiting for me to be part of the mess. I took another long short cut, at least better than being stuck for 20 minutes like last Friday (Last Friday so bad until got stuck in a roundabout for 15 minutes so)

No matter which road I took, I ended up getting stuck in a God forsaken jam. Then, what makes matters worst......I really really need to go to the gents. Had and need and must attend to nature's calling. Or else......

Yeah, getting stuck in a jam and in a need to go to the gents is the worst scenario ever for a Malaysian driver.

I had to speed all the way to the federal highway, was very close not paying the toll (sorry kak, adik saya nak muntah) and thank goodness no police checkpoint.

Reach home, straight rush to bathroom. Ahhhhhhhh..............

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