Friday, February 5, 2010

Signal Lah You Old Fart!!

Today's jam......frickin' unbelievable. Even though I got my lazy ass off from bed and got out of the house by 7:30 a.m, there will be jam.

Today memang fucking embarassing. I was concentrating on driving and picking up coins from my car's cup holder. I didn't feel them whether are they 20 cents or 10 cents, I just simply take. Then, I thought it was 50 cent, green like at toll I just go.

Then....the kakak shouted at me in a nice way (not the scolding type) and told me I was short of 10 cents. =________=" I was so malu-fied wei. The toll booth attendant had to get out of her booth and come to me just to take 10 cents.

Then a few seconds later....jam. Massive shit jam.

Every 5 minutes, move a few inches. Its that bad kids. From 7:40 a.m until 8:05 a.m I'm still at the after-toll section, chewing mint. The amount of mint chewing gum I took during traffic jam ours can kill all of my sperms already. Tak payah lahir anak untuk keluarga :D

8:45 a.m......just reach Mid Valley. Again, jam. 9:20 a.m, clocked in at Jaya One. The worst record for me. Last week was 8 a.m.

And my computer graphics class starts and 9 a.m, and my lecturer say whoever comes after 9:10 a.m, doors will be locked. =(

But thank God, my lecturer is sooooo kind, he didn't. He had to mark a L for late for me. I was quite pissed at myself.

Today's class, taught about the shape modifying tool and pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. Most of my classmates detest that pen tool.

I missed out on the shape modifying tool, and again, God bless my computer graphics lecturer for taking his time to make sure I catch up.

Class ended at 11:30 a.m. Jared and Levi was like still cursing on the pen tool.

Called Benji to yum cha at Maluri. And I set my personal best, 17 minutes out of PJ Area :D

On the way to Maluri just at the Jalan Cheras highway, there was this stupid driver that really made me wanna swing my pedal lock right towards his window. The driver, in his Proton Iswara Aeroback, was driving in between the lines seperating middle lane and right lane. So I thought maybe he's lost so I just decide to cut him through politely.

Motherfuck!!! He tiba-tiba horn like an aggressive driver. He was tailgating me dangerously, and then he switched to the right lane and tried to get even with me. Traffic was slow, so he took the time and wind down his window, and ask me to do the same.

"Hello woii!! You don't know how to drive ah?!"

"Eh uncle, next time give a bloody signal before deciding which damn lane to go to. You know you're blocking the motorists also right?!"

And that fella started to curse me in Indian language, staring at me.

"Uncle, just because I don't understand what you're saying doesn't mean I don't know that you're cursing me!! Can you please don't hog the fast lane ah?! You're not the only one driving on that lane kay?!"

Off he went off, angrily. When red light, one motorcyclist tapped my window, asking me whether was I alright. I acknowledged him with a smile.

What's with you drivers now? Malaysian weather make you all pretty cocked up huh?

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