Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Both Sides Are At Fault

Hey guys, how are ya'll doing? I'm pretty busy with college work, I have an assignment to do and I'm supposed to buy place cards for presentation skills class and design my own unique name tag for creative thinking class. Until Jane reminded me....... DAAARRRGGHHH!!!

Anyway, I'm sure you people are aware of my former secondary school's 'crazy shit'. For example, from what I saw the Facebook status that has been posted by my friends who are still in SMK Seri Mutiara, Mr Chew and Pn. Yean has been very unreasonable and being ridiculous with you all in school.

A fine example..........sports bra.

I understand that Mr.Chew has been conduction the sports bra spot check, and from my point of view, I find it very disturbing for the female students in the school, and its no small matter to the parents too. Dear headmistress or whoever who got pangkat in the school, if you're reading this can you please take some damn action before the students will be a pain in your ass?!

Put yourself in these girls position, what if YOU were them, and you had some married middle aged man conduction bra checks on you. Would this incident leave a bad mark on your school life forever? If I was that girl, it would. And can you imagine if their kids, asking their mum how their school life was and hearing that sport bra checks were conduction and no white ribbons rule existed?

You must be fucking kidding me.

I know, you teachers, you so called administrators in SMK Seri Mutiara want to make the school look like a control school, with perfect discipline and so. But why on Earth you want to be like others when you can choose not to give a damn and let the school be. Sure, you want good discipline then fine, SET A REASONABLE AND LOGIC SCHOOL RULES.

When I was studying in SMK Seri Mutiara for 5 years, I had to follow, obey and give in to ridiculously, God forsaken rules like....

1) No staplers
2) No marker pens, highlight pens
3) No correction tapes
4) No medicines allowed

Until now, looking back, whoever set these rules must have had a sad school life before. No staplers? I couldn't imagine staplers can cause major damage to the school building, school environment, or affect any student's studies. Whenever the students need to tidy up their projects at the last minute in school, the stapler tool is handy. Heck, sometimes the teacher need student's help to do their work.

Marker pens and highlight pens. I had mine confiscated by Mr.Chan when I was form one. Those pens were bought for my history project. Do you think I have time vandalizing the school's property? Heck no.

Correction tape. Teachers, do you prefer a student crossing out a wrong sentence or a wrong equation in a messy way or you want them to use a correction tape? Think wisely please.

No medicines. One time I had a bad headache, I went to the school office, asked for a Panadol and my request was rejected. What the fuck man?! A 15 year old student knows what the heck is a Panadol tablet. Its not a lethal drug, it soothes headaches and so on. If you think its dangerous, then don't bother having them stored in the school.

To be honest, for the last 5 years in SMK Seri Mutiara, and as a prefect, I hate the way how the school handles cases and rules. I don't understand, is it hard to hear what the students need to say and voice out? They are the ones who have to live with the rules in school everyday. I really really wish any teacher who bumped into this post will bring up this matter for the next how many umpteenth teacher's meeting.

I do not understand why a 'beg berfesyen' like the sling bag, that ridiculously ugleeh Adidas bag was not allowed in school. I mean, as long as the students have something to keep their books in right? Sometimes I laugh at the rules set by the school, and I do feel sad for students who are still stuck in that school.

Well, the teachers are not the only one to be blamed, I'm not gonna let the current batch of Mutiarians off the hook.

Its simple, for girls, if Mr Chew harassed you infront of your friends or in the school ground infront of a large crowd, report to your parents. How hard can it be? Unless you and your parents don't live under the same roof. You tell me, which parent is ok to let some middle aged married man check their daughter's bra?

And to my friends who always curse, complain, get pissed and emo about Mr. Chew. Get a fucking life, go and complain. Stop fucking around with yourself. Wake the fuck up!! Sometimes I feel like laughing and telling you how much of a pussy you people are. You don't like a person, confront him/her in a well mannered way. Don't raise your voice against that person. And you better damn right make sure you have strong evidence to support your argument.

"chew can suck donkey balls n chop off his own cause he is one fucked up dog n he is ntg but a piece of fucked up shitty ass motherfucker.!!!!!!!!!!!" - Anonymous idiot.

"fucked up mr.chew....homeless motherfucking ass......waits at the school gate every morning like a police inspector....thinks that he owns the fucking school..... i think he waits at his house gate in the morning and does that to his kids..." - Anonymous idiot.

(if you know who am I referring to, tell them I DARE them to face Mr.Chew and confront him. If they say no, tell them I called them a pussy)

Yeah, 3 years ago if you start a group page to go against a certain teacher, most would think its cool and wicked but now......you kinda have to think twice now.

Yes, a few years ago I created this group to go against Mr. Chan. Back then he was really pissing everyone off. Was caught, wasn't suspended, only let off the hook with a serious warning. Members of that group was not punished, only the admin of the group.

Learned my lesson, and like about last few weeks someone invited me to be a fan of that group. Think again, if you really dislike/hate/loathe that person that much, keep it to yourself and your friends, no need to show it by joining a group like that and start cursing around like a 12 year old kid who just watched South Park. Just join and be real about yourself and not be a dick.

Last but not least, to Mr.Chew and Pn Yean. Please treat the students with respect if you want the same favour to return to you. Mr. Chew I hope that you will realize what mistakes you have done and what traumatic experience you left at the female students, for those will be with them as long as they can remember their school life. You better be prepared if some angry parent come confronting you about your 'efforts' in curbing the school's discipline.

Pn. Pengetua, I really hope you read this. Think about the students, will you? They are supposed to enjoy school life, not loathe it every day of their life. I'm sure you want to see students looking forward to coming to school and being happy.

(It would be funny if the admin of that Anti-Chew group got mad after reading this blog post and start to create a group to 'anti' me. And it would be more surprising who would join that group. :D And I really hope that Angeline Lam and my blog post would be brought up to SMK Seri mutiara's administrators and hope that this will wake them up.)

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