Friday, February 5, 2010

Jared's 19th @ IACT & Redbox, The Curve

Ok....yesterday was Jared's birthday, and class 201001 gave him a surprise birthday celebration for our part-time Starbucks barrister boy :D

Bought the cake, got the candles, until we found out we don't have a matchbox or a lighter.

"Go ask smokers, confirm alot wan..."

Happy 21st 19th Birthday Jared!!!

Before Jared came into class, pictures!!
Guess what was I doing? I bought this Extra Mint Chewing Gum like yesterday for creative thinking class, but I somehow couldn't find a way to open that damn capsule.

I spent the whole night trying to open it, trust me. Until after going into class also still figuring it out. And Jason, the dude sitting next to me, took less than a minute with a key to open it =____="

"Call me your savior, I opened it already =)"

Its been awhile since I wore this shirt.

The minute Jared came in, Bryan then switched off the lights, and we gave sang a birthday song so awesome, William Hung would make it go platinum and stay for weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 10.

"I'd kiss you if you were a girl..." XD

Jason's gift to Jared. Done in an hours time, can you imagine if he had enough time, instead of rushing it to complete it. Awesome.

Clement....... our class senior, entertaining us with his funny side.

' put that THING in that HOLE ah? You know? Wait, you really don't know how to DO IT meh? You just insert then gao dim already!! Still blur ah? Got instruction manual wan don't worry, easy job. If I can master it, you can do it too!!"
(No no no no, it was all made up. Was telling them about kebabs, I'm serious!!)

If there was a class that can make me feel so drowsy and drugged up....its advertising principles. Book the text book, never bring for class. Smart ass.

First 20 minutes, half of the class resting their heads on the table. Then at 2 p.m, lecturer then gave us a 10 minute break, we all rush to 7-11 to revive ourselves.

The class was only interesting when our lecturer showed us funny ads from other countries.
I liked the Virgin Airlines ad. Frickin' brokeback mountain with that "How Deep Is Your Love" song by Bee Gees.

Yes, I was really interested and paying attention in the class. I really do =D

I'm kinda worried about my classmate sitting next to me. Meet Jeen Pei, she can be as hyperactive as a 8 year old kid on sugar rush after 5 packets of Oreo's. I'm not so sure what she's gonna do to me on the next class o.O??


Anyway, after class most of us semangat go karaoke at The Curve. Again, traffic was bad. Pictures again do the talking...

The karaoke session was awesome and funny. Who knew, we would all go nuts on "Bad Romance", 'Poker Face", "I Gotta Feeling", "Love Story" and "Bohemian Rhapsody"?


I left by 5:15 p.m, had to drop Immy back at Jaya One area. And again, for the 2nd time, stuck in a 2 hour jam =________=

RM close to the RM 500 mark :D

"Alriiiight...who's paying it?"

*looks at Jared*

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