Friday, April 2, 2010

Bum oh bummer

Warning : There's one picture that might be disturbing to you all :D

Ok, so what's all that minor surgery I'll been talking about on Facebook you ask? Well, its actually a boil/cyst I had on my erm.....bum.

Yeah, it might be funny to you all but I was irritated to have something disturbing me for the past few days.

Last year it all started when I drove my parents' Honda City (97') to school. Usually I'll park the car outside the perimeter parking spaces outside the school from 7 till 2 p.m latest. And you know leather seats can be a bitch when its hot, and once you sat on it, ouch =(

Well, usually I didn't give a damn about it and just sat on it without thinking about cooling the car first before leaving =(

A year later, things got worst. Apparently once was just a small 'pimple' turned into a huge one. So on Wednesday I just couldn't take it, I went to see the doctor.

Doctor told me to come back on Friday to do a minor surgery.

And today........I went. I was so nervous, I had crazy thoughts like having butt cancer or I might lose the whole left bum or maybe I might die of an accident in the middle of the operation.

As I am typing, I am trying to find a suitable position to sit. Pity me.

So at 3:30 pm, I was on the operating bed, lying with my arse.

Mum told me the injection will be a very painful process. I thought she was bullshitting.......and I was wrong.

It was very painful. I was yelling and cursing in agony. Its like a sharp needle going through your flesh.

The injection was supposed to make my bum numb. It did for a period of time before I started to feel pain again.

4 times the doctor have to give me numb injections, and the stitching process is one tough thing to go through. And again...another injection.

You know, too much of numb injections can make you feel like sleeping. So, after 1 hour plus, the doctor finally removed that damn bugger from my bum.

Eeeeeiiikkk O____O

The most awesome thing is.......I didn't know part of my bum (the cyst) will be sent to a medical lab for national health research. Frickin' cool eh?

And for now, I wish I had a donut with me now. You know, the one for people like me going through a tough time like this to sit.

P.S : To my left bum, I'm so sorry ='(