Thursday, April 29, 2010

Douche Moment

I was driving out of college after basketball, was following this Perodua Viva. I wasn't tailgating him. Was outside Oldtown, then suddenly the Viva stopped.....and reversed.

Before I can horn and reverse quickly....BANG!!!

I was like.....WHAT THE FUCK LAH WEIH?! Dad just bought the Vios a few months back and now kena major kiss!!

I remained calm, its the 2nd accident I've been involved this month. And the last one was my fault, this one was the other driver's fault.

I remained calm, parked the car at one side and then got out of the car in a mentally stable condition. (I have a very very bad temper when shit happens to me). Then, the driver and his GF came out of the Viva, shocked.

Me : Bro, you ok ah?

(Note : My 'are you ok?' in this situation is 'what the fuck were you thinking?!')

Driver 1 : Erm, sorry sorry just now I tak nampak kereta you.

The Viva's rear windows were tinted quite heavily. If his tint wasn't that dark, he would have clear visibility over my car.

Me : Why you reverse? Didn't you see me at the back of you ah?

Driver : Sorry I last minute cari parking.

Me : Sigh.....

(At this time, I wanted to call my parents but my phone died. Bloody Nokia battery)

As I was looking at the damage, which is just minor paint loss and no dents at inner voice then appeared.

"Daniel, chill lah bro, relax!!! its just a small damage, see that paint loss? Not even a millimeter lah bro. Look at that fella, he's already shaking and starting to sweat while his awek apologizing to you like gila-gila. Relax.....RM 50-80 can recover the damage. Just let it be, its ok. Let him off the hook."

I don't know what the hell but I decided to forgive and forget, shook hands with him and told him....

"Shit happens lah don't worry, next time be more careful lah ok? I'll deal with it."

And while I was on the federal highway...

"You actually believe what I said ah? Dude I was high on the 100 Plus tangerine drink lah after a tiring basketball game. Oh my gosh you douche, you could have claimed RM 100-250 to repaint the whole bumper!!"

"Screw you, I'm so not listening to you anymore!!"

And that is when my evening was fucked big time ='( And kena lectured by parents.

"The Vios I buy to get scratch and bang ah?!" - Dad.

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