Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mai naaaiimee issh Jimmy!!

Ok so yesterday I went to Kyle's place to do some photoshooting for my college computer graphic's assignment, superimposing (Google it please). While in his room, his house phone rang and it was from an 'outside area' number.

First Kyle picked up, it was some salesgirl rang up and talked to him in Mandarin. Then he hung up on her. That girl called again and this is how it went....

Daniel : Hello, who is this speaking to?

Salesgirl : Hello is (Kyle's 'fake' Chinese name) in?

Daniel : Who?

Salesgirl : (Kyle's 'fake' Chinese name)

Daniel : Owwhh he's busy

Salesgirl : Oh what is he doing now?

Daniel : He's studying

Salesgirl : Oh and you are?

Daniel : I'm his brother, why do you want to talk to him?

Salesgirl : Oh I wanted to tell him something. Is your mum around? What about your dad?

Daniel : Erm, no she's sleeping. My dad is working.

Salesgirl : Ok nevermind, what is your name?

*I was blank, I had to think of a name quick*

Daniel : Jimmy

Salesgirl : Is that English name or Chinese name? Jing Mi?

Daniel : No no no, Jiiiimeeehh.

Salesgirl : Oh ok, I would like to tell you something. I'm from Panasonic and would like to explain to you about our upcoming roadshow.

Daniel : Oh good, erm, where are you calling from?

Salesgirl : Oh I'm calling from Taman Connaught.

Daniel : Riiiiight, erm about your roadshow...

Salesgirl : Yes about our roadshow we're promoting our electronic appliances at XXXX shopping mall. There will be games and activities for the family to enjoy.

Daniel : Oh ok, I'll see whether my family is free or not.

Salesgirl : Ok, well, what is your mum's name?

Daniel : Erm, what for ah?

Salesgirl : Oh cause we need just need to know only.

Daniel : Her name is erm..........Huang Mei Err

*At this moment, Kyle was laughing like an asshole until I was close to being in stitches and follow suit. Fuck you Kyle XD*

Salesgirl : Would you mind telling her to come and talk to me now?

Daniel : Erm, she's sick and just took her medicine that's why she's having her rest now.

Salesgirl : Oh ok, that's about it. We Panasonic would like to wish you good fortune, prosperous health and a happy week ahead

Daniel : Ok ok, same to you.

*hangs up*

So frickin' easy. Mai naiime issh JIIIIIMEEEH!!!!

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