Thursday, April 1, 2010

Short Post 31 March 2010

Short Post 31 March 2010:

Yesterday was at the mamak having a quick lunch after morning Creative Thinking discussion with Jason, Jared, Shanor and Immy. Was the last person who has his/her food served. Was rushing and then called the mamak waiter to give me a lime.

He gave me, and without thinking twice I quickly in lightning speed (frickin' epic) squeezed the lime out....only to have most of it sprayed onto my eye. Was in tears after that, all of the laughed at me. Heck, even the mamak waiter was laughing too. Left eye was reddish. FML indeed =)

Oh well, epic failure for me but epic sight for my friends. Now this is what I call tweeting. Twitter that that you b*tch!!!

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