Saturday, April 3, 2010

Berbatov You're Slow

Didn't managed to catch the United-Chelsea match. All I know is....BERBATOV IS SUCH A FUCKEN PIECE OF SHIT!!

Damn it, just when Rooney is out of action for at least 4 weeks, look who comes to fill his shoe, non other than Berba-fucking-tov. Why didn't Fergie pick Owen?! Owen has more experience in the Premier League than that bloody Bulgarian striker.

I remember having Berbatov in the United squad while playing FIFA 10. He's just so fucking slow, I can outrun him damn it!!

In order for United to solve their attacking problems, they must clone Wayne Rooney. 2 more Wayne Rooneys. 1 playing the striker role, and the other playing attacking midfield. And Michael Owen must play alongside Rooney if he wants to be in England's World Cup Squad.

As for Berbatov.........send him to Jamaica to run!!!