Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Handball interschool competition

Handball competition, was so screwed up, I think it wasted my time. Oh yeah, I mean, I'm in the team alright, but for the whole day being a sub......that's like asking me to become the team's cheerleader. I don't mind coming in the last minute of the game, at least I get to touch the bloody ball, but instead a player with no sense of handball gets to be subbed into the game and screw things up. Thanks for day dreaming and nearly causing the team to concede more pussy goals. You were damn lucky not to be sent off for playing like a rugby player.

Ok, back to today's competition. Weather was hot, playing surface was way too muddy.

The field, which has more than 10 courts.

Yesterday bought new shoes just for today, and within a few minutes walking around the field, RM 40 gone.

How clean is that?

Our team's match is the 7th match to be played. So for nearly 1 hour and 30 minutes, we were aimlessly walking around the field like zombies.

Seri Mutiara's handball team was grouped together with S.A.B and Bandar Tun Razak. So the first match was Bandar Tun Razak versus S.A.B. The match was exciting, ended 3-3. So for the next 2 matches, all we have to do is win one, draw one or better, win both.

God gave us a great opportunity to qualify for the quarter-finals.

But against S.A.B, the ref was on their side. I tell ya, from the look of Santosh's face, he felt like wanna give the ref a nice tight slap on the face.

First half 1-0 down.

For 3 consecutive goals that we scored, the referee canceled it because it was either we committed
2)Step the d-line

Kheng Siang's goal was canceled, Yik Yau's goal was canceled, and another fella's one was canceled.

There was one time where S.A.B had a corner, and Khai Liang got the ball. One of S.A.B's players jumped on Khai Liang and hit on his head. Khai Liang fell, and guess what the referee did? Awarded S.A.B a free throw.

Fuck. The shit hits the fan.

The score should have been 3-1, but because of the referee, we lost by a slim scoreline, 1-0.


Then our most important, must win match against Bandar Tun Razak, we lost the plot. 5-2, some pussy players complained that the ball is slippery, never pass properly, never got the ball, and one of our players played like a rugby player and got suspended for 2 minutes. That changed the whole game. Bad passing, weak shooting, bad defending, no man marking are one of the reasons that caused us to lost.

For our under-15 team, they won their first match because Cochrane pulled out. Then lost in their second match 2-1.

So here are the pics, after losing all both matches. I can boldly say that even God gave us a big chance to go through to the quarters, we still screw up.

Santosh, Nick and Vicky.

Me, Santosh, Nick.

We were all bored, so what?

Went back to school, felt so fucked up. Mum won't be around until Friday, stuck with dad.

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