Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 is Gonna Be Good

The first week of 2011, I went back Malacca to visit my grandma. Its been months since I last saw her. She's having a weak heart now, also on a strict diet. From Monday till Thursday night, I find myself relaxing without the Internet, Astro, computer games, my king size bed, KL's cooling weather. One reason why I dislike going outstation is because the weather affects my acne problem. I got more pimples when I came back from Malacca compared to before I went to Malacca.

Ok fine, I did go on Facebook via 3G network.....only until on that night I was shocked to see my bill skyrocket to RM 150+. I informed my brother about it, called up Maxis and Maxis might have 'accidentally' canceled my data plan. I didn't sms or call for the next 3 days with my phone.

Problems aside, Malacca was fun, just to food, nothing else. I had satay, durian cendol, nyonya food at Jonker 88, Jonker Street. More satay again and durian ice cream. Bought back pineapple tarts and dodols. Basically mum and I spent a close RM 100 on food alone.

My 3rd semester class timetable is out. Monday and Thursday is 9 a.m to 3 p.m, Tuesday and Wednesday is 3 p.m to 6 p.m. Like last semester, there's no classes on Friday =)

And yesterday I just went to get myself a spanking new monitor!! The last one died because it got struck by lightning. I got the Samsung 2333TN Full HD nigguh!!! So whenever its raining heavily and there's lightning and thunder, DON'T USE THE COMPUTER, UNPLUG THE MAIN POWER PLUG AND CHILL!!

I haven't been blogging alot compared to 2009's posts. Heck, being a mainstream music junkie, I haven't even started listing out special awards for the songs that made 2010 an awesome year. Maybe later.

Its good to be back in KL, where the weather is cooling now. How the heck can you not like about the current weather, the best to sleep in!! I can't wait for college to resume, I only have like 2 subjects, sculpture and typography. The first batch for 2010 is combining with the 2nd batch students, so its best I better work extra harder.

I think 2011 is gonna be as great as 2010. What da ya think?

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