Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010 Part 1

I swear 2010 has been a very very kick ass, roller coaster ride for me. The year when I started college life, assignments, chilling at mamak stalls like never before, rushing for assignments and so forth.

So here's part 1

The year started out great. I'm really thankful for my dad for getting a new car for the family, but most of the time I'm driving. Yeah this is my car, but dad's the one with the final say on anything about the car. Throughout 2010, the Vios had lots of scratches from traffics and careless drivers =(

I'm happy I'm starting out the new year with my first pet around. Mac's getting fatter and on day I'm gonna accept the fact she's gonna leave me for hamster heaven =')

One time I got bored at home, I decided to head down to Seri Mutiara with Kyle to get my school leave certificate. Funny thing was the school admins can get my parents detail wrong, see number 2. I do missed my Seri Mutiara days, it was awesome. I mean I personally think high school/secondary school years are the only 5 years in our life when we know our true friends, those who are willing to stand by you and take hits. The only joykill part about my secondary school years is the ridiculous rules and the teachers. But they are there for a reason.

Candies, chewing gums, sweets.....the ones that kept us awake in class.

2010 was also the year I turned 18 =) Well, its nothing special. Just that I can buy alcohol without need to worry about anyone to check on me, yeah just that. Oh and I no need to worry about sneaking into the cinema hall for a 18+ movie, I'll just walk in =)

And I thought, starting of 2010 is already wonderful.

Computer graphics class was kinda fun. It was the first time I used the iMac. I was tempted to just drag the whole set back to the car after class and just drive home =D

Yeah so college classes some can be fun and interesting, some can be dull and just plain boring. I enjoyed Mass Communication, Creative thinking, presentation skills and computer graphics, but I tried staying awake for Advertising Principles. Jane took this shot. Then again, too much lecture can killjoy in class.

And for every P driver on the road, there's always their first accident on the road too. This was when I was trying to find Sports Planet at Subang area. Was on the right lane, my friend Benjamin noticed the building on my left. Turned left without looking at my side mirrors, RM 400+ gone.

First semester of my course was really fun. I meet alot of nw friends, and most of them really had made my days even more fun.
Jeen Pei, Joelle and Syafiq (behind). Jeen Pei's like the hyperactive kid in a candy store, Joelle's the blur one lost in the middle of Kuala Lumpur.

Don't know about you but this shorty over here damn sohem one!! Show here any silly video clip on Youtube she'll laugh like one mad dwarf XD

Advertising Principles class. The last class with Miss Jo ='( She's leaving IACT this year after she's done teaching her remaining classes.

Mass Communication class with Mr. Tan. Mr. Tan will probably remember me as the student....

....who spelt his favorite band's name wrong. The Beatles =D

And I've been wondering, have I been THAT blur in class? ='(

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