Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not Fun =(

First week of college 3rd semester was shit. The reason why me and my 6 classmates get to have a long break from November till January 10th is because we have to wait for the April intake students to finish their 2nd semester, and combine both January and April intakes into one class.

First day of class was bullshit,of the 23 April intake students, ONLY 4 were really paying attention to the lecturer. The rest of them were being noisy and shit. I remember first day of the first semester of college, my class of 32 students immediately clicked right away. But after 4 days with the other batch, my friends and I had yet to talk to them or even say hi. This is the first time I’m really mad pissed at my college.

I really hope this week's class would be better than last week. And I do hope nothing ruins this week for me. I wanna go through 5 days of awesomeness before my birthday =) I'm getting old now.

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