Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'm really looking forward to my birthday this year =) Last year wasn't that fun, I mean it is fun, but not awesome. This year's gonna be alot different. Tomorrow I'll be having dinner with my college mates, mostly the close and fun ones to be with, then Friday with my youth cell group friends from Charis Church. Saturday, Skewers with my bros!!!

Right only there are only a handful of things on my birthday wish list :

1)Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

This album is just........awesome. Yes, finally a good hip hop/rap album. The guest artists in it is great too, from Jay Z to Elton John, Ryan Leslie, Kid Cudi, Fergie, Rihanna, Pusha T. This was 2010's must have album.

2. Apple iPhone 4G

Yes, I've finally given in!!! After years of using Nokia and Symbian OS, I can't stand it. Apple's iPhone is like the almost perfect smartphone. It gets better every new model is launched. And yes I do envy those who had iPhones and watching them having fun playing apps is just soooo tiring!! I WANNA PLAY ANGRY BIRDS AND TAP TAP AND OHHHH THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!!

3. iPod Touch
Just in case getting the iPhone plan didn't work out well....this will do. My Nokia N73's gonna die, I spend like 60% of battery life just listening to songs only.

4. Reebok Omni Pump "Tron Legacy" glow in the dark shoes
Reebok and Tron, epic collaboration!!! Another pair please =D

If and only if they were dirt cheap =/

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