Monday, January 24, 2011

Mac's Farewell

Woke up on Thaipusam Day, feeling kinda dizzy. Mum then came into my room and told me Mac passed away this morning in her sleep. I thought I could have her to play around on my birthday. Waking up to bad news isn't the best way to start your day.

That one news alone broke my heart, my first pet hamster died. Just the night before her death, she was so active. She has been eating well, running on the exercise wheel.

She died in her sleep, inside her bathtub, her 2nd favourite sleeping spot after the running wheel =)

Having to remove Mac's small body from the bathtub was the hardest thing to do. Looking at her, she lost alot of fur, her eyes was swollen, and dead. It took me 15 minutes to just take her out of the bathtub and put her inside her 'coffin'. I promised her that she'll be buried with her food....

Sunflower seeds and corns. Back then when I was feeding her, she would just dig for sunflower seeds and corns. Mac was a picky eater.

Mac, I hope you liked it very much.

Thank you so much Perry Zanne, and your sister Joanne for taking care of Mac when I'm outstation and for spoiling her with more than 1 tablespoon of food a day.I remember Mac was a tiny furball, until you two fattened her up.

Perry came and helped me picked out the sunflower seeds and corns.

You wouldn't believe it, she even helped me dug out Mac's burial ground. For someone so short XD

There you go Mac, you're buried with your favourite food, a happy hamster.

The hardest part was burying Mac. It'll be the last time I'll see her, forever.

Mac has been an obedient hamster for 2 years plus. The way she sleeps, eats, baths with the bathing powder, gets her fat ass stuck in the corner of the cage, bites my fingers when I'm trying to feed her, I'll never forget. Mum was also sad cause she also took care of Mac when I'm in school or college.

When Mac had an infection on her left eye, I thought she was gonna die just like that. I prayed that she'll be able to live through Christmas, and she did. Joanne once told me, Mac was the strongest hamster she has ever known, and the only hamster she'll ever like and spoil with food and attention.

I'll be missing the noises you make by rattling your food dish to tell me that you're hungry, or how adorable you shaped like a furball when biting off your sunflower seeds or corns. Thank you Mac, for bringing me unforgettable memories as my first and most probably, my last pet I'll ever have. Hope you like your burial spot, cause whenever the sun shines, it shines on you.

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