Saturday, January 29, 2011


Honestly, January has been a boring month. Seriously. I'm just waiting for something awesome to happen. College is not fun anymore like the last time, friends can be jerks for no reasons, weekends are filled with nothing to do. Gosh what's wrong?!

Ok, the only day I've been looking forward every January is my birthday, that's it =) On Thaipusam, the day Mac died, I celebrated my birthday early with a few of my close college mates. Jane, Jeen Pei, Zoe Lim, Austin, Levi, Mk, Jared, Joelle, Zhou, Austin and Christine.

Whoot!! Zhou was serving us for the night.

And they bought be cupcakes from Slice from Heaven. I was really really touched, never expected them to surprise me with these cute cupcakes.

I was THAT happy.

And like every birthday boy/girl had to go through, I had to bite the candle and take it off from the cupcake. Jeen Pei pushed my head and I accidentally ate tiny parts of the candle. Taste like chicken XD

Sunday, went to Pavilion with church youth friends. Was gonna surprise Xan Voon by smashing cupcakes with cream on his face, until I had it too XD

Feelin sticky and sweet.

So one of the task for me and Xan Voon was to acknowledge to at least 10 girls in Pavilion....
Was going to hit on this girl, but we were worried she'll report harassment to the management in Pavilion.

Went to Forever 21...
...also fail.

So screw it, Xan Voon and I decided to make use of our acting skills. We just simply headed to the nearest directory board, and hopefully some girl who's lost in the mall looking for her destination is there.

Guess what...
Xan Voon and I got to know 2 very gorgeous Russian girls. The girl on the left was still giving me eye contact when she walk away. SHE SMILED OHHHH MAAIIII =D

At the end of the day, they all gave me this shirt as a gift. Thanks guys!!!

Group picture in Adidas store before I head home for dinner.

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