Sunday, January 16, 2011


Like what the previous post mentioned, last week was bad, just plain bad. I missed my IACT 201001 friends, we're like this one big dysfunctional happy family. Now, its like I'm in some foster family, stuck with them till graduation day.

I'm not the only one complaining though, most of my former classmates majoring in different courses complained that their new classmates are noisy and kampung-ish.

I'm having 2 subjects now, typography and sculpture classes. I'm really trying hard to enjoy my next 10+ weeks in class. If this continues, college life ruined.

The only happening thing that happened this week was I got a ticket by the Petaling Jaya city council for not displaying my parking ticket on the dashboard of my car. Dad doesn't know anything about it yet. It was Friday morning, went breakfast with Ian at Jalan Gasing. It was at some banana leaf rice restaurant called Lotus. I have no idea there was a blue color board with the parking sign, and I didn't see any parking ticket machine near the parking bays along the shop lots.

Until after breakfast, walked back to the car. Noticed a wet paper on my car window, its a ticket by the officers. It was all wet cause it rained for the whole day. Mum had to hang the ticket to dry before dad comes back from work. RM 100 gone!!

And now....anyone have any idea how to settle this ticket? I don't know where to pay since its at PJ.

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