Thursday, January 20, 2011

R.I.P MacHammie

Woke up feeling a little bit giddy cause I had a can of Carlsberg the night before, mum told me my hamster, Mac, passed away in her sleep.

And all of the sudden, supposedly an awesome week before my birthday, this news had to come to me. Just last night I remember, Mac was quite active for a hamster that is aging. She was running on her exercise wheel, eating alot, she was just like any lively hamster, only just older.

But then, I guess its time for her to go. I’m gonna miss those days when she’s rattling the food dish to tell me she’s hungry, or the time she exercises and the noise from it disturbed me from sleeping for the night.

Now, I have to get used to not seeing her pink cage whenever I walked downstairs from my room for breakfast, lunch, dinner or whenever I come back from college and I won’t be able to spoil her with sunflower seeds or corn already.

I’m gonna miss her alot.

April 2009- January 20, 2011. Died in her sleep.

Mac, like I promised, you're gonna be buried with your food, and there will be corns and your all time favourite, sunflower seeds. You were always a picky eater =)

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