Sunday, May 29, 2011

Congrats to Barcelona, Kings of Europe

2 years ago, I watch Barcelona FC lifted the Champions League trophy after a well deserved 2-0 victory against Manchester United. 2 years after the 2009 final, its deja vu again as Barcelona FC again lifted the trophy, this time at Wembley, the home of football.

Its a really bitter pill for any Manchester United fans to swallow. Going down a goal first, pulling back one up before self destructing during the 2nd half was a sad sight to see. United's midfield has always been a concern, I never expected Carrick to NOT screw up. Sir Alex Ferguson was late on bringing in Paul Scholes for Carrick.

We lost 3-1, because we didn't play the United way. Bobby Charlton lifted the cup in Wembley in 1968. 43 years later, he's looking at Abidal lifting the trophy =)

Salute to Abidal for being a true champion. 3 months ago he was diagnosed with cancer, today, he is a 2 time Champions League winner.

The better side won, and this is coming from a United fan

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