Saturday, May 28, 2011

How To Love by Lil Wayne

So...this man here is Lil Wayne a.k.a Dwayne Carter a.k.a Tunechi a.k.a Birdman Jr a.k.a Weezy F Baby a.k.a Martian a.k.a Weezy a.k.a Wayne.

(Trust me, these are the nicknames given to him or just he created it in his songs. Currently its Lil Wayne and Tunechi)

So Lil Wayne is known for rapping about money, weed, p**sy, Bloods, girls, sex, more weed and that's it. Also known for his clever word play in his songs, 2008-2010 his lyrics consist of metaphors and smart use of rhymes (some of them can be a lil bit odd and off)

And ever since his 8 months of vacation at Rikers Island prison, hip hop missed him badly. 2010 has been quite a dry season for hip hop. Drake, Nicki Minaj has been working hard to push Young Money to the top with Weezy being absent.

Now Weezy's free, The Carter 4 looks set to be the most anticipated rap album and possibly might outsold The Carter 3 (The Carter 3 sold a million copies in a week, name me one rapper that has been able to do that)

Lil Wayne's next single off The Carter 4 is called "How To Love". Produced by Detail, this song is far from what he'll usually rap about. Believe me when I say, this is the 1st time I have never heard a cuss word in a Lil' Wayne song. To be honest, I'm feeling this joint. It shows the softer, emotional caring side of him that the world has yet to fully know.

I'm really happy that Mr. Dwayne Carter is off from doing marijuana and weed cause he is banned after his arrest for 3 years. Maybe without the weed, he's doing a hell lot better. I'm looking forward for The Carter 4, it'll be good.

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