Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MTV Shows that I Hate.

16 And Pregnant : A bunch of 16 year old girls who got pregnant because their boyfriends never heard of this thing called 'condom'. Like really? It takes just a few seconds of your time to wear a rubber over your tool. And most of them are not ready for a baby yet, and they though giving birth isn't as tough as it looks.

Pimp My Ride : People who own rides that are in deep shit condition. Some is because their owner can't bother cleaning up the inside of the car. I mean, who eats and throws away leftovers in the car? And if its your friends who did this, can you at least tell them off.

Jersey Shore : A bunch of tanned people, no trace of Italian blood in them, partying and gossiping and flexing muscles. Have no idea what's so fascinating about them.

The Hills : Heidi and Spencer, the 2 attention whores of the social scene is from this MTV drama series. A bunch of beautiful people, blondes and brunettes, fighting, bitching, yelling, crying, gossiping, creating drama about each other and this lasted for years.

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