Sunday, May 8, 2011

Teenagers Today

I have no idea, what did this poor girl did to ya'll? Did she spread rumors about you? Did she called you fat? Did she said you're a ugly whore in school?

So I guess most of y'all probably watched a video clip of a few SMK Raja Abdullah school girls ganging up on a helpless girl, crying as she struggles to beg them to stop. By the 53rd second of the clip, I can't help but to wonder what the hell is wrong with today's teenagers? so this blog post of hers that one of my friend's shared on Facebook, from what I read, its full of racial slurs and hatred. There are probably 300+ comments towards her.

And yes, I do hope Monday morning she'll have one hell of a school day to remember. I hope the other class students would have a good field day to fire her with disgrace remarks. Not only to her and her friends, but to her whole class too. Her classmates could have stopped the bullying from going down to deeper shit.

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