Saturday, May 21, 2011

To UMW Toyota....

UMW Toyota can go fuck themselves. I'm serious. Bloody cunts, I have no idea how the hell they can screw up and not fix their shit together. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T FIX YOUR MISTAKE, BITCH ARE YOU CRAZY?!

I fucking waited for almost a month just to trade in my stock rims for my friend's sport rim. My friend had already told your goons really clear, that he'll surrender his Vios WITHOUT THEM FUCKING SPORT RIMS.

And one of your fucktards said OKAY, NO PROBLEM. Guess what? Your salesman fuck up bad, real bad. You key in the wrong data, and now you're telling me its irreversible? You screw up you fix up, simple as that!!!

And you have the cheek to tell my friend in order to make up for you're mistake, you give him a RM 2K rebate on the Camry he's giving. Do you know how mad he is that he's not able to keep his promise to me?! And you think you can solve it all by offering him rebates?!

UMW Toyota, do you know how much I fucking hate you, as much as I have to send my car for services and check ups. This mistake that you made cost me my time, my time!!!

I am so tempted to wanna scream at you greedy fucks for wasting my friend's time, and my time too.


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