Wednesday, May 4, 2011


And RON 97 went up to RM 2.90 per litre. It would be NICE if the government could answer this, or the trading minister or whoever that's responsible for the nations' consumer trade whatever department you call that.

So I predict, RON 95 will be RM2 + and RON 97 will be RM 5. Alright, jokes aside, I thought our Ringgit currency has gone stronger and by right, things should cost cheaper right? I mean, I don't mind it being slightly cheaper. You will never know 10-90 cents can make a HUGE difference.

Is it me, or is it that every 3-4 months, petrol price just went up by 5, 10 or 20 cents?

So this is my personal opinion. I personally think that the government, be it our prime minister or even the politicians that represents every 14 states of Malaysia, do actually FEEL the pain that we the people do. I assume that they're driven around by their drivers, and they don't need to cough out money to refill petrol to their rides. Most of the times, I do want them to be in our shoes for a day.

And even if my dad's been paying for my petrol like every week, I do know how it feels like whenever petrol prices go up. I don't take it for granted that the prices will stay that way.

I don't know whether I'll get into trouble for saying this, but I do wish the government REALLY REALLY look into the people's needs rather than trying to please us by setting up 1Malaysia e-mail accounts (each RM 0.50 for every Malaysian citizen. You do the math), trying to figure out the opposition leader whether did he sodomize or did he had sex with a hooker. And we do not wanna read about certain politicians who can come out with probably the most stupidest comment/statement and make us fools in the eyes of the world. We do not need to read about another by-election when at the end of the day, banners, flags and what not are being wasted.

And I predict, when the general election comes, there's gonna be a whole lot of ass-kissing to the people by politicians to win precious votes. I guess, its time for a change for once =/

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