Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hate today love tomorrow?

Lol, I saw this bloggers blog, and there was one paragraph really made me in stitches already....

P/S- I only hated X for one day only and not 4eva! Ok? X after reading this post dun be angry...I'm not insulting u...just wads in my heart and can't keep it. Sorry ar!

I mean, seriously lah, can you hate a person for a day and then not hate him/her for the next day?
For instance, I hate Josh because he didn't ask my permission and took my book. Then I blog about it, let others know my problem, and saying that I hated Josh for that day only, and the rest not? Then I leave a memo at the end of the blog post, saying that....

P.S : I only hated Josh for a day, but not forever. Josh, after reading this, hope you're not mad at all. Just wanna tell you what's in my mind and need to released it. Sorry ah!!


You know, when you're playing family in school, and then you start to envy your friend for being closer to the other friend, and start blogging about it, and leave a small memo to clarify it?

P/S- Y dun make me jealous la... I very sad leh! I dun wan you to be her sis! TT_TT
Dun do it! I'll commit suicide from my bed if you b come her sis! OK? Dun b come her sis ar?

I think Y should go ahead and be her sis.....I' want to see whether that blogger will really take her own life or not?

So, moral of the post is....becareful what you post about. Engage your brains before starting to post a blog post.

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