Friday, February 6, 2009

Sneak Peak

Got my PC on Friday, thanks dad!!!! love ya alot!!!

Friday was a rushing day. Had to rush back home, rush to bathe and then rush to Low Yat Plaza. Then had to wait nearly 2 hours for the PC to be done. Then dad and I got stucked in traffic and had to rush back home and then rush to church for cooperate prayer meeting.

The HP 22" LCD monitor and the CPU.

Then Tom and Cheng Heng came to pick up the CPU to install the OS and some programs.

I told you I was gonna get the Bamboo Fun. Nah, dad didn't buy it with his money, I used my savings on it. So RM 650 well spent.

This is my Bamboo. Use it to get more out of my computer.

The pen.

The thickness of the Bamboo.

CD Installation pack.

Because my old pc, the one I'm using now has only CD Rom instead of DVD. So, I wasn't able to use CorelDRAW to experiment with it. Sigh......I went on to use paint to play.


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